Railroad Ties

We have secured an exclusive wholesaler and have a limitless inventory. If Becker is too far away, we have a satellite location in Rockford, MN.

Standard size: 7″ X 9″ X 8.5′ #1 Quality (better than the big boxes!!) $24.00 each.

#2 Quality $20.00 each.

We can get switch ties 9-17′. Call to inquire.

Will only hold with 100% prepayment. No exceptions. We don’t receive quantity discounts, so we don’t offer quantity discounts. We prefer cash or check but will accept Visa & Mastercard with a 2.5% fee. No American Express or Discover accepted.

We are located 1 mile west of highways 10 & 25 in Becker on the north side of highway 10.

Discount Post & Pole

11680 Highway 10 SE

Becker MN 55308

763.262.POST (7678)

[email protected]

We are generally cheaper than most so check us out before paying more somewhere else!